Dr Vikas Sandoo’s Charity Work

19 June 2017

Dr Vikas Sandoo’s Charity Work

Dr Vikas Sandoo will be going to Greece at the end of July to work as a volunteer GP providing humanitarian aid for refugees affected by the conflict in Syria. This will be his way of giving something back to those who are less fortunate that us.

In December, between the 4th-13th, Dr Vikas Sandoo will then be trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise £10,000 to build 2 deep water wells in poverty stricken areas of Gambia with the charity Penny appeal.


IF you would like to donate to this great cause you can do so by:

Texting the following message to 70070:

VWSA91  £5 or £10 or whatever figure you wish


You can visit my just giving page and donate online at.



You can give some cash in an envelope to reception with your name and a message and I can get this onto my just giving page.

It is a 100% donation policy.




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